Karl Lagerfeld: Visions Of Fashion

To celebrate the work of a great designer, illustrator and photographer Karl Lagerfeld, Palazzo Pitti in Florence has organized a unique exhibition called Visions of Fashion that features over two hundred photographs, including most memorable advertising campaigns and photo shoots published in fashion magazines as well as personal projects throughout his enduring and fascinating career. … Continue reading Karl Lagerfeld: Visions Of Fashion


Iris Van Herpen: No Boundaries

When it comes to Iris Van Herpen, there are no boundaries for oeuvre. Whereas following a pure dream or facing current realities, it looks like there is nothing impossible for a Dutch designer to be reproduced. Presenting her creations during Paris Fashion Week, Van Herpen never stops surprising her audience by finding new methods to … Continue reading Iris Van Herpen: No Boundaries

Emotional expression

Art as a word itself has an endless number of definition, depending on one’s perception; however, it is commonly acknowledged to be seen as an emotional expression through utilization of various means. Today, there are many diversified subdivisions of the art world such as visual arts (painting and sculpture, photography and printmaking), performing arts (film … Continue reading Emotional expression