Artfashionspheera is a place where art and fashion blend together, creating its own imaginative sphere, a new universe of inspiration, and a new era of creativity.

Artfashionspheera is a blogzine that is going to provide you, art and fashion lovers, with a very wide range of articles, regarding the well-established and a quite diverse relationship of such closely connected but independent industries as art and fashion.

As throughout the history artists and designers have been influenced by one another a lot, there are various art movements seen on the runway from season to season as well as fashion designs depicted in paintings, images, exhibitions constantly, subsequently being treated as pieces of art.

Personally, I find this phenomenon very fascinating and interesting for exploration so I would like to share my own thoughts and findings on this topic with you, my audience.

This blogzine will provide you, my dear reader, with a unique insight into above-mentioned intertwined fields, covering both current and historically important trends; their roots and origins with their cultural development are going to be examined in mine blogzine.

I* will write about various artistic movements that take place in the modern world and affect our daily lives as consumers. I will also introduce significant facts and statistics and publish my personal reviews of ongoing exhibitions, events, etc.

Even though the bound relationship of art and fashion reached its peak at the beginning of the second millennium with the fast appearance of French couturiers and active growth of their Maisons, it is essential to know their storyline in order to understand why we arrived at the point we are now.

Talking about the world we live in, I should also consider the presence of widely spread digital activities and their evolution in the era of globalization that have a significant impact on both art and fashion worlds.

  • I am Victoria Kozyreva, International Fashion Management and Marketing student in Polimoda Institute, Florence