Guy Bourdin: Image Maker

Guy Bourdin, a man who spent his life in front of a white canvas and behind his camera, was a true image maker. He was a genius of photography and illustration. His nonstandard way of thinking and expressing himself in working process changed human attitude to fashion photography, making the composition more important than actual products … Continue reading Guy Bourdin: Image Maker


Karl Lagerfeld: Visions Of Fashion

To celebrate the work of a great designer, illustrator and photographer Karl Lagerfeld, Palazzo Pitti in Florence has organized a unique exhibition called Visions of Fashion that features over two hundred photographs, including most memorable advertising campaigns and photo shoots published in fashion magazines as well as personal projects throughout his enduring and fascinating career. … Continue reading Karl Lagerfeld: Visions Of Fashion

Andy Warhol and his Pop Society

To celebrate the greatness of one of the leading figures of American visual art movement known as pop art, Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, Italy organized a major exhibition called Andy Warhol: Pop society, curated by Luca Beatrice; the retrospective presented more than 170 artworks of the artist, including his well-acknowledged images as well as absolutely … Continue reading Andy Warhol and his Pop Society