Alexander McQueen X Damien Hirst

When we think about mutual projects created by art and fashion genius minds, Alexander Mcqueen x Damien Hirst collaboration cannot be left without the tribute. As numerous brands have fallen into the tendency of collaborations between a fashion brand and an independent artist, Alexander Mcqueen, one of the most eccentric, provocative, and experimental designers ever … Continue reading Alexander McQueen X Damien Hirst


Louis Vuitton Goes Art Again

Being a pioneer in artistic collaborations since the beginning of the second millennium, Louis Vuitton Goes Art Again this year. On April 28th, a limited line of handbags and accessories such as scarves and key chains hit a selection of stores worldwide, featuring the latest mutual project between the brand and a well-acknowledged pop artist … Continue reading Louis Vuitton Goes Art Again

Emotional expression

Art as a word itself has an endless number of definition, depending on one’s perception; however, it is commonly acknowledged to be seen as an emotional expression through utilization of various means. Today, there are many diversified subdivisions of the art world such as visual arts (painting and sculpture, photography and printmaking), performing arts (film … Continue reading Emotional expression