Karl Lagerfeld: Visions Of Fashion

To celebrate the work of a great designer, illustrator and photographer Karl Lagerfeld, Palazzo Pitti in Florence has organized a unique exhibition called Visions of Fashion that features over two hundred photographs, including most memorable advertising campaigns and photo shoots published in fashion magazines as well as personal projects throughout his enduring and fascinating career.

Taking its start from Scalone del Moro grand staircase of the palace and going through the rooms of the galleries, exhibition immerses the audience fully to the Lagerfeld’s world, depicting pictures of different sizes and scales, depending on its location and theme. Being placed among paintings in majestic rooms, visitors see the vision of different fashion periods through Lagerfeld’s camera lenses that blend together with its historical surroundings, creating the contrast and continuative narration, taking the minds of people away from the reality.

“Today, photography is part of my life. I can’t see life without the vision of photography. I look at the world and at fashion with the eye of a camera. This enables me to maintain a critical detachment in my everyday work, which helps me more than I could ever have imagined.”
Karl Lagerfeld

Moving from one theme of photo series to another, it becomes inevitable to notice how much attention is paid to details. Baroque interiors, picturesque ceilings, and golden chandeliers of Medici family welcomed motionless modern artworks of Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter and it seems that the past and the present blended together perfectly, creating the way to the future. It is amazingly refreshing to see Chanel, Valentino and Fendi designs worn by current It-girls and stars next to the masterpieces of the Raphaels, Titians, and Caravaggios.

Pitti Palace, the heart of Renaissance itself, displays the most contemporary and fashionable exhibition ever with such dignity and pride. What experience could be more enchanting and promising than this?

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