Guy Bourdin: Image Maker

Guy Bourdin, a man who spent his life in front of a white canvas and behind his camera, was a true image maker. He was a genius of photography and illustration. His nonstandard way of thinking and expressing himself in working process changed human attitude to fashion photography, making the composition more important than actual products that the image represents.

Throughout his forty years career, his compositions were published by leading fashion magazines. Moreover, he collaborated with commonly acknowledged brands and designers such as Issey Miyake, Chanel, and Emanuel Ungaro, being especially known for co-working projects with Charles Jourdan, a French designer and shoemaker.

Various museums around the world feature Guy Bourdin’s works. Take for example The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Jeu de Paume, The National Art Museum of China, The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and The Moscow House of Photography as well as many others.

No one can possibly remain indifferent to exhibitions dedicated to his work and it does not matter if a person is a random visitor or interested in photography and filmmaking. All people have their own opinion about Guy Bourdin’s creations since they are extraordinary, provocative and unconventional. It can be clearly seen that many Bourdin’s artworks are cropped, creating energy and the sense of reality, even being static.

Guy Bourdin has often used humor and sarcasm while depicting models and fashion objects, changing the traditional vision of beauty. Talking about his iconic techniques, it is essential to mention that he used red color extensively in order to underline certain details on the picture – shoes, clothing, accessories, etc. – and captivate the attention of the viewer. Nevertheless, the main goal of the photographer always was the act of building the story by utilizing saturated colors and well-thought and structured scene locations. He was able to use fashion to create contemporary artwork.

So the only advice I personally would give to you, my dear reader, is to go and check out the work of such great artist. However, if you are do not have a chance to visit the exhibition, at least check out the video below.








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