In the era of Gucci upraise, Guccification is definitely coming back. Alessandro Michele, the man behind current Gucci madness, takes the brand to a new level every season, setting the bar of fashion game higher and higher for his competitors. There cannot be too much Gucci anymore; we are back at the good old times.

With his appointment, Michele took Gucci back to masses, attracting young innovators to stores. However, it is not only about the whole renovation of selling points, unconventional products, and all colorful and arty details on the garments and accessories anymore as one could think. Today, Gucci is also a synonym of street art, funny memes, and let’s bring it back to the future inspirations.

What does it exactly mean ‘Bring it back to the future’, you could wonder?

Well, there are quite a few ways to answer this question. First of all, cruise collection of the brand took place in Palazzo Pitti, meaning that Gucci came back to its roots and origins but with a new contemporary twist. Gucci as the brand was born in Florence in 1921, in the city of art and Renaissance.

During its cruise presentation, the brand has got a bit sarcastic by playing with its iconic logo. Surrounded by great Italian art, the brand paid homage to the city of Florence and celebrated its hometown for its past glory. On the runway, or better to say, in corridors models walked in Guccy, Guccify Yourself and Guccification t-shirts, bringing back old logo obsession.

Another noticeable factor is massive and continuous inspiration from the 70’s that doesn’t leave the brand from the appointment of its new creative director. Quickly becoming the only trendsetter, Gucci doesn’t stop looking at the past, simultaneously moving into the future, writing a new chapter in the fashion history.

Rich colors, street and digital art, and tons of new logos: did we enter the old-new Gucci generation?

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