Alexander McQueen X Damien Hirst

When we think about mutual projects created by art and fashion genius minds, Alexander Mcqueen x Damien Hirst collaboration cannot be left without the tribute. As numerous brands have fallen into the tendency of collaborations between a fashion brand and an independent artist, Alexander Mcqueen, one of the most eccentric, provocative, and experimental designers ever lived is no exception.

Alexander Mcqueen x Damien Hirst collaboration was exceptionally promising since two most celebrated British creative minds had joined their forces in order to get birth to wearable piece

of art. Both McQueen and Hirst has been both known for their iconic skulls, so it was only natural that the pair has come up with the idea of redesigning McQueen skull motif in artistic way by adding butterflies, bugs and spiders moving around on the physical fashion product.

“This is something we should have done years ago. I love McQueen and think this collaboration is a marriage made in heaven.”
Damien Hirst

The result of such co-working creative process was an exclusive limited capsule collection of thirty branded one-off scarves to celebrate ten years since the launch of McQueen scull scarves on the market. In case, if someone has an interest in having one of those pieces, scarves are moderately priced, going from 500 to 1200 dollars per item, being quite affordable for having such big names on its label.

The only conclusion this collaboration leads to is the fact that it is not a crime to invest in the timeless artwork that you also can use as a wearable accessory, instead of putting it on your house wall forever. Who knows if we are going to have such luck again in the fashion world but so far this is the best gift we have ever received from the British empire. Oh God, please Save The Queen.


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